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Live at Mannerheimintie 100 B 48, December 31, 1998

by Mallisto

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released February 4, 2015

"... it documents a house show by an obscure Finnish trio from the 1990's, playing to art school friends. The music is as amateurish as that description suggests, a mildly charming skeleton of bass and rinky-dink synth suggesting a Casio-updated Young Marble Giants, with an equally awkward sense of funk, or a lounge band enclosed in experimental scare quotes or a low budget Stereolab."

― Dan Barrow, Wire 369 (Oct. 2014)

* * *

"Hey ... we’re past 40! Aren’t we supposed to overgormandize ourselves senseless on pathetic nostalgia now?

Tall order for futurist cyborgs like us, I know, but at least we’ll have to try. After all, “crate-digging”, re-runs and all that are the name of the game in the business of culture today, right?

First, don’t get too excited, this is purely rhetoric, but take a minute and think of it: If you were offered the possibility of one single trip in a real time machine, where would you go?

Ready? OK. Where-ever it was (were not interested), on the way back stop by this housewarming party in Töölö, Helsinki, New Years eve 1999. THAT’s the part that will be worth bragging about later! Talk about rare, exclusive, insiders only, I-was-there-man experience.

And afterwards, please tell us: did Mallisto play? You see, we’re only about 95 % sure that’s where this is from. There is some evidence, eyewitness accounts even, that should prove it’s the case. But still, sort of a mystery.

Unmarked, accidentally re-earthed, cassette. Very obviously live and by the first, funkiest incarnation of the group ― Jukka Vallisto on bass, Jenni Rope and Christer Nuutinen keys and electronics. You can check the first release we did by them [Juhannus 3008] for that. The no arpeggiators, vocal-free phase.

An awe-striking, fluid exercise in nineties art school synth at its
grandest ever best! But still … OK, the flat was mine. They were there. The show was wonderful, as was the party. Dreamy neighbors. They NEVER complained! Just that I have no recollection of ever recording it."

― Tom Backström, Erikoisdance

* * *

AUDIO REFERENCE NOTE ― For maximum accuracy and enjoyment, this mix is best monitored at semi-moderate party volume through a (mono) keyboard amplifier in a sparsely furnished, approx. 25 m2, square room, jam packed with art school types and the like for acoustic control.

* * *

Jenni Rope, keys
Jukka Vallisto, bass
Christer Nuutinen, keys, rhythm programming
Maarit Hohteri, photos
Tom Backström, recording and editing

This is a re-release of Erikoisdance 19.
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Mallisto Helsinki, Finland

The band was founded in Helsinki by Christer Nuutinen (kb/ voc) and Jukka Vallisto (b/ voc) in the mid- 90's.

Mallisto was active off and on for several years with slightly varying lineups.

Nuutinen and Jenni Rope (kb/ voc) were present in most of the incarnations, either as a duo or with Vallisto, and later with Ilja Karsikas on guitar.
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